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About us

How everything began

D!Lab originated as an idea between three friends who shared not only an interest in art, but an ambition to create a place for other young Bulgarians to express themselves and inspire each other. Applying our combined skills gained from our studies in commerce and communication, we were keen to build something we are all passionate about.


We won’t kid ourselves, we’re not about to pick up the paintbrush, but that shouldn’t mean that we cannot use our own capabilities to help those who are. This gave rise to our ambition to create a platform which readily marries our passion with our skills and aims to bring together and support talented young artists.


We do not want to put art into literal or figurative boundaries. It exists in everyday life, even in the most unexpected places and forms. D!lab aims to bring it to the forefront, making it more accessible for those who enjoy it.


We want to create a space for talented young artists in which they can thrive, flourish and develop. Through working closely with us, our goal is to provide opportunities for them to elevate their brand, both within their discipline and to a new and broader audience.

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